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Battle of the bands gigs - more details!

The Witness Reel are competing in the up coming Maidenhead Battle of the Bands

First date is November 16th semi final and final in December.

The Witness Reel is on 7.45-8.15

Venue: Phatz bar, Queen st, Maidenhead, SL6 - 01628 770777

Ages: 18+ Only

Entry: 3

Doors: 7.30pm

BOTBs Dates: Heats - 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th November. Semis - 7th, 14th December. Final - 21st December

As usual bring as many people as you can but also note....

"Crowd Vote: Every person that comes through the door gets a voting slip in which they can vote for the band they want to win and hand it in to the front desk crowd vote is 30% of final score in heats, 20% in semis and 10% in final"

Hope to see you there, we are all looking forward to it


Changes, changes, changes

A big thanks

To everyone who made it down to the gig at the Phatz bar in Maidenhead last week.

We made a lot of noise and I'm told it sounded good.

The gig organisers have said they will be interested in getting more gigs with us, so more details soon.

Photos from the gig have been added to the Gallery section.

Even more photos to come!


We are sad to announce Rob has decided to leave the band.

His commitment to becoming a full time teacher has meant he has been unable to continue working with the band.

Rob added a lot to this band, so we are sad to see him leave, and wish him the best with his teaching.

It is possible we will still work with Rob in the future, for recordings and such, but he isn't able to be a full member of the band.

We won't be looking to replace Rob for the time being, but perhaps if we find the right person there will once again be two guitars in Witness Reel.

Support us

Support The Witness Reel by visiting sites such as Channel 4 music, Myspace and others.

New 'support us' page added to the site.


We expect to be playing more dates in the following months, so keep checking back, or better yet, get added to the mailing list.


The Witness Reel Live

The Witness Reel play Phatz Bar in Maidenhead on August 31st!

3 Entry to gig.

Doors open: 8.15

The Witness Reel play 8.30-9.00

Venue: Phatz Bar, Queen st, Maidenhead SL6 1HY

Map, Click to open.


TWR news!

Hello all from The Witness Reel.
I thought an update was well overdue!
So, here are some news and things we have been up to


Well, it is certainly about time for some photos on this website! So here they are! (Well some anyway, I've just spotted some more!)
You will see a new picture on each page, and some photos from the recording session as well as some live pictures.

Summer gigs

The band is back on track with a set of mostly new material and due to hit venues sometime soon over the summer.
More gig details soon!

External websites

We have added ourselves to orkut and myspace, as well as putting ourselves forward for and we will be having our demo reviewed on several websites coming up soon.
Please join up to orkut and myspace and support us!
You need to be invited to Orkut to be able to join, so please contact us if you would like to be invited, thanks.

Side projects

While things have been quiet on the band front Jo and Rob have both been working away on their PC's with drum machines on experimental sideprojects.
More on this soon.

Until next time. D,J,M,R.

Demo Session MP3s- 19.09.05

1. Signs Of Your Confusion
2. Reaching For You
3. The Falling
4. Get Up/Give Up
To save right click and select save target as.

Finally the Mp3's are here!
We had great fun in the studio, and are pleased with the result.
Some photos from the session will be uploaded soon.
In the meantime have a listen to the mp3's and let us know what you think
D, J, M, R.

Shortlisting Tracks For Demo Session- 22.03.05

The band have been working on a haul of new songs and practicing regularly since the start of the year. Now finding ourselves in a good position to head into a local studio for a weekend, we are attempting to finalise a short tracklisting to make up the first TWR demo. We're currently favouring three or four tracks:

1. Signs Of Your Confusion - based on a riff from one of Robert's home recordings. Pretty straightforward band song.
2. The Falling - Nice dischordant verse, melodic chorus, ends in a mass of instrumental noise. Bass & drum break.
3. Get Up/Give Up - One of our more epic songs (tracking in at over seven minutes at the moment). We like this for the demo as its a little different. Song structure hasn't changed that much from Jo's original idea developed on his acoustic.
4. Reaching For You - Written by Jo a long time ago, originally recorded as a quiet, low-tempo fingerpicked track. Now reworked with more of an edge, led by a strong drum beat.

Keep yo' eyes and ears open. D,J,M,R.